Katie Couric Media

Katie Couric Media (KCM) was founded in 2017 by award-winning journalist Katie Couric and her husband, John Molner. Together, they identified a void in the media landscape and set out to help brands amplify their values and cultivate an engaged audience through authentic storytelling.

As KCM has grown exponentially since the website’s initial launch, their brand has evolved. Working with the existing visual identity created by Decimal, I led a brand refresh that included new typefaces, a new color palette, and a new look-and-feel for their website. I also designed new web pages and features to serve KCM’s needs as the company has continued to grow.
Web Design, Visual Identity

Project Info
Client: Katie Couric Media
Agency: Decimal Studios
Year: 2022
Collaborators: Guillermo Brotons (Creative Direction), Kiko Pelaez (Design), Letterjuice (Type Design), Alfredo Gago (Web Development), Josué Calderon (Web Development)

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